1977 bis 1982 F.Nowowiejski Grammar School of Music in Gdansk ( Danzig ) by J. Wocianiec.
High-school graduation: Abitur(school leaving examination) and musicdiploma
1982 bis 1987 K.Lipinski Conservatory in Wroclaw ( Breslau ) by Prof. Jerzy Mrozik in a subject Flute
1987 Conservatory graduation: Degreed musician in subject Flute and instrumental science of education
1983 und 1985 Participance at the “International interpretaions-course” in Duszniki Zdroj
1986 Masterclass course by Prof. Aurele Nicolet in Breslau ( Wroclaw )
1987 Participance at „ International Youth Festival“ in Aberdeen/ Schottland by Doz. A Lockwood
1984 bis 1988 Performance with ther Blasquintett and Flutetrio
1991 bis 1992 W. Hock Orchesterschool in Gernsbach by Prof. Gunhild Ott (Soloflutist ther SWR – Orchester )
1993 „New Flutetechniques“ Masterclass course by Robert Dick in Wiesbaden
2006 Masterclass course by Prof. PeterLukas Graf in Amsterdam